Another technique that I acquired while attending spiritual classes in New Mexico is the power of visualization. You have to be able to see yourself receiving what you want. It’s as sim- ple as that. If you can see it and you can feel it, it’s yours. This is what athletes do before the Olympics games. They visual- ize themselves winning. This behavior has been documented numerous times. Visualization works!
The first thing that I attempted to do was visualize a parking spot at the store. I’d visualize a close one, a spot right up front at the grocery store, the mall, or the doctor’s. The Universe was saving this parking spot just for me. The first time I really believed it would be there for me, it was. Then, after that, it was easy. I just knew with unwavering faith that a special spot would always be waiting for me, and it always is. I have read that some people credit their spirit guides with this assistance. I have always felt that I am tapping into the energy that God created for our use here on earth. We simply have to know how to utilize this precious gift to create what we desire in our life. Now that you know the energy is available to you, working with it should be fun! You have to already know that what you are visualizing will be there for you. Once you have done this a few times, you will be amazed. As you see the results of your efforts and how easily it works, you can move on to other requests. You may say to yourself, “I need a red sweater,” and all of a sudden, someone will give you the perfect red sweater, or you may walk into a store and see the one you had visualized in your mind right in front of you. Now, oftentimes I will say, “Make sure that the sweater I want is on sale!” and I get that too! You have to tell the Universe exactly what you want. You just need to put the intention out there and know that you will receive your request. Be specific with your request. This is very important.You can ask for anything, and the Universe will find a way to make it materialize for you.


Why do they work?

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     Affirmations are affirmative statements that you say out loud to the Universe requesting exactly what you are searching for. The vibration of your words is carried out into the universe. The vibration bounces back and you receive your request. Sounds easy doesn't it? The key is to believe. Believe that what you ask for you will receive. Have faith that you request will be granted. Also know that you may not always receive your request  in the way you expected it.

Here are some affirmations that you can use;​

"I am healthy wealthy and wise

I have sparkling eyes"

​"Love flows to me immediately and constantly and I accept the abundance"

"My business is successful for myself and a benefit to others"